Central Virginia Watercolor Guild

Combining Camaraderie with Creativity

Louisa Arts Center

CWVG Show, May 27-July 29, 2016

Special Exhibits Chair, Sue Stover, writes:

“I am glad to announce this wonderful opportunity to display the work of members of CVWG in a very delightful venue, the Louisa Art Center Purcell Gallery.  This is truly a wonderful gallery to hang in and I urge all of you to “get your paint on” and send up to four or five entries for this show.  Depending on judge selections and the total number of entries, not all pictures may be chosen to hang.  The Gallery holds a wonderful reception on the last Friday of the opening month.

This is a FREE show for members of CVWG only.  It will be a juried show and pictures will be chosen by a judge selected by the Louisa Art Center for inclusion into the show.  Each CVWG member can enter up to five pictures for judging/entry.  Each applicant will be responsible for delivery and pick up of their art to the Louisa Art Center.

Entries can be any water based media as well as some 3-D art such as pottery pieces.  The judges will select from all the entries the number of pictures they need to hang and try and assure that everyone gets at least one piece juried into the show. Artwork is not required to be for sale, but if for sale and is sold, the Center will retain a 30% commission.

Click here for the Entry Form.  I know some of you do not have a computer/printer so a limited number of hard copy forms will be available at the CVWG monthly meetings.  Each painting entered needs to be listed on this entry form and name of artist, title of work, contact phone number, and sale price/NFS value should be attached to the back of EACH painting.  Further information will be sent out as it is received.

Entry requires the use of drop box and electronic sending of images. (See instructions below). Anyone requiring assistance can contact Julia Kindred who has kindly offered her help.

Please email a copy of your entry form, or at the very least, the following information on your entries to susanjanestover@gmail.com and jekindred@comcast.net when you have it:

Your name:
Picture Title:
Sale Price:
Contact phone:

This will enable us to keep track of pictures being entered into the show. If you have questions, contact, Sue Stover, 434-985-4995 or susanjanestover@gmail.com.”

Important Dates

31 March – deadline to submit to Sue/Julia

1 April – deadline to submit applications and digital images to the Louisa Art Center

20 April – Artists will be notified as to juror selections

mid-May – Drop off of art to be coordinated by Gallery Committee

27 May – Show opening reception 6-8 pm

29 July – Show closes

30 July – Art pick up 9am-11am

How to submit digital images for the Louisa Arts Center, Purcell Gallery

Naming your digital file for submission:

Artist Full Name_Name of Piece_medium_size (height followed by width in inches)
Example: Elizabeth Allyson Warren_Submit to the light_oil on wood_16X20


sign in: purcellgalleryshows@gmail.com
Your password is cvwgMay16

Click on “Files”.
In top right, there will be an icon of a piece of paper with a ‘+’ in the corner of the page.
If you scroll over it the word ‘upload’ will appear. Click that icon and upload your
image. You can load one at a time, but can add after each if you have multiple
The file will be closed the day after the submission deadline which is April 1st. So the
file will be closed on April 2nd and will only be accessible to the Juror and the LAC
Gallery Committee after the submission deadline.

Please also scan and upload your signed copy of the Submission form. We need the
release at the time you submit the digital file of your artwork. PLEASE insure you check
one of the two boxes (permission to display in gallery only, or in gallery or other locations in the Arts Center) and sign for the juror to consider your work. Also, make sure to indicate if the piece is for sale or not for sale and the price if for sale. Keep in mind that the Arts Center retains a 30% commission when pricing your pieces.

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