Central Virginia Watercolor Guild

Combining Camaraderie with Creativity

2012 Winners

Best in Show

Gari Stephenson

Waiting and Wondering
Gary Stephenson

Juror’s Choice


The Red Chair
Patrice Reece

Constance Tupper Memorial Award


Gracie and Grandma’s Vase
Elaine Nunnally

Awards of Excellence

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Herzog_Kristin_1_Morning_Walk_I[1]72

Maury River, VA
Solange Brown

Morning Walk I
Kristin Herzog

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Kuhlmann_Kathy_1_Double Dribble 72

Rinsed and Ready
Brenda Hounshell

Double Dribble
Kathy Kuhlmann

 Mook_Sally_2_Lovebirds[1]72  Poteet_Robin_2_BigEasyMornin[1]72

Sally Mook

Bid Easy Mornin’
Robin Poteet

 READ_JULIE_1_Rear_Window_View72  Soderlund_Joan_2_Attention_to_Detail[1]72

Rear Window View
Julie Read

Attention to Detail
Joan Soderlund



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